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    Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star, Inverter Split AC (Model, 243V Vectra Elite, White) Overview

    Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is powerful cooling solution designed to cater to miscellaneous climatic conditions and user requirements. This air conditioner encompasses 4-in-1 Adjustable Mode, which allows customized cooling settings to ensure optimal comfort to the individuals. The inverter technology enhances energy efficiency by adjusting the compressor speed in real time, which helps in plummeting electricity consumption.

    Also, the product is fortified with a vigorous copper condenser, the Voltas 243V Vectra Elite safeguards durability and competent heat dissipation, encompassing the longevity of the air conditioner. In addition to its unconventional features, the Voltas 243V Vectra Elite also prioritizes eco-friendliness. The inverter technology and energy-efficient design contribute to reduced carbon emissions, making it an eco-friendlier option when compared to traditional cooling systems.

    Moreover, this model has the capability to detect errors and malfunctions, providing rapid troubleshooting solutions and diminishing service time. This further saves time as well as reduces the need for frequent maintenance checks. Overall, the Voltas 243V Vectra Elite is effectual and eco-friendly air conditioning solution that meets the needs of modern households.

    Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star, Inverter Split AC Technical information

    Model‎243V Vectra Elite
    Control Console‎remote control
    Voltage‎230 Volts
    Wattage‎6000 Watts
    Certification‎Energy Star
    Included Components‎1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor Unit, 3 m Length Inter Connecting Copper Pipe, 1 Remote, 1 Manual, 1 Warranty Card
    Batteries Required‎No
    Energy Efficiency‎3 Star
    Capacity‎2 Tons
    Annual Energy Consumption‎6000 Watts
    Noise Level‎45 dB
    Installation Type‎Split System
    Part Number‎243V Vectra Elite
    Form Factor‎convertible
    Special Features‎Remote Controlled, Dust Filter

    Key Highlights of the Product

    Eco-Friendly Cooling: The Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star, Inverter Split AC is efficient which controls the impact on global warming as it is committed to sustainability. The unit employs R32 refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential compared to traditional refrigerants. This refrigerant also enhances energy efficiency, making the air conditioner a more sustainable choice for cooling needs.

    Efficient Cooling Solutions

    The Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star, Inverter Split AC is one of the foremost cooling solutions in today's modern marketplace. Its inverter technology optimizes energy consumption and provides consistent temperature control, which is pivotal for creating a comfortable living space with minimal energy waste. The 4-in-1 adjustable mode offers personalized options to meet varying cooling needs while maximizing productivity.

    Smart Cooling Solutions

    The product is equipped with intelligent or smart cooling solutions, demonstrating that it incorporates advanced technologies or automation to optimize cooling performance. One of its key smart features is the Wi-Fi connectivity to control the air conditioner remotely via a mobile app.

    Modern Cooling Technologies

    The Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star, Inverter Split AC influences modern cooling technologies designed to maximize performance. Based on these developments, the inverter technology allows the compressor to run at variable speeds. This leads to substantial energy savings, as the AC can adjust its output to match the cooling demand precisely, thus averting disproportionate power consumption.

    Innovative Comfort

    This air conditioner is designed to focus on user’s comfort, incorporating innovative features that set it apart from conventional air conditioning systems. One standout feature is the adjustable cooling modes that precisely cater to different room conditions. For instance, the Sleep Mode perceptively adjusts the temperature to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment, while on the other hand the Turbo Mode provides rapid cooling when immediate relief from heat is needed.

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